The Cultural Association of House of Iran is an entirely independent organization, dedicated to the development and promotion of Iranian artists living in Canada.  Artists may be from any and all areas of arts/culture/crafts filed, or simply a supporter of the arts.  The Association is created by Mr. Abbas Heidari of HTV Netwrok, and is operated under the auspices of an Advisory Board appointed by him.  The Cultural Association of House of Iran is not in any way affiliated with any political or religious groups or any other organization.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All members must notify the Association of their availability and the artistic resources they can contribute to the organization.
  2. All members must treat other members with the utmost respect, and be willing to work towards a united vision in promoting arts and culture.
  3. All suggestions, criticisms and opinions put forward by members of the Association will be brought to the Advisory Board to be discussed and considered accordingly.
  4. All members are called upon to participate in creating and producing beneficial artistic and entertaining programmes that can be presented to a vast viewership in order to promote Iranian arts and culture within the North American community.
  5. All members may be asked to come together in small groups within their area of expertise in order to produce concerts, plays and/or films that can benefit the community at large and help various artists to showcase their talents.
  6. A registration fee of $50 per month applies to each and every member of the Association and is payable upon registration and every month thereafter.

Membership Benefits and Advantages:

  1. All members will be enrolled into the Association’s basic dental insurance plan.
  2. The Association’s Legal advisor will be available to all members for emergency legal matters.
  3. Emergency loans will be made available to all members within the limit of available funds.
  4. HTV network will produce free of charge 1 music video for all musician members of the Association, provided HTV Network is given distribution rights.
  5. All members will have access to rehearsal space at HTV Network for a maximum of 3 hours a week with prior booking.
  6. All members will have the advantage of booking the studio and/or the equipment at HTV Network with a 50% discount.
  7. Any artistic work produced by members of the Association (unless contrary to the standards of the network) will be promoted by HTV Network.
  8. All arts and culture related events by member of the Association (unless contrary to the Networks standards) will be promoted by HTV Network.
  9. In case of death for those members who may not have family in Canada, the Association will take care of the funeral and burial in a befitting manner.